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From January 2019 you can work with me in Zurich Wipkingen, Rotbuchstrasse 44.

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Journey of the Soul

Transform your limiting Karmic Memories, expand your consciousness, take your meditative state to the next level.


Our natural ability to enter this unique relaxed focused concentration state of consciousness opens the door to enhance memories and people, to recall events that may have been long forgotten, to access memory at the Soul Level and experience the deep understanding of time illusion. Sometimes, due to their expanded understanding of life, people have spiritual or intuitive experiences that they greatly benefit from. This modality has tremendous wellbeing value: mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical transformation can take place in a past life regression session.

It is a life changing experience.

The Journey of the Soul is based on Dr Brian Weiss PLR technique.


The path of our spiritual journey is an inward one, unique to each of us. Regressing to a significant past event may provide considerable relief and benefit in the present life. You will feel more peace and joy.


In this experiental workshop you will practice regression exercises, meditations and psychometry exercise to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities.


Whether you experience a past-life event or not you will have an opportunity to:

Discover extraordinary details about your past

Release old phobias and fears from prior lifetimes

Practice revolutionary healing visualizations and meditations

Harness the power of love and understanding to transform your life

Understand about your soul mates and soul companions

Discover new tools for developing your intuition and psychic abilities









Holistic Coaching

Create a best life empowering mind, body, spirit.     

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Spiritual Coaching

Experience Parallel Realities and Life btw Lives.

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A beautiful state of relaxation and sharp focusing.

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Touch for Health

Balance subtle energies, heal mind, body spirit.

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Past Life Regression Therapy

The benefits  involve inner peace at all levels.     

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Australian Bush Flower Essences

Energy and power from the lands of Australia.      

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