I AM Grateful to meet YOU


my name is Guya, I'm a Holistic Coach because I believe that to manifest  your highest potential and create your desired life you need to work with the multidimensions of your being: body, mind, soul, spirit, energy/bioenergetic fields. My passion is to help people make their dreams come true, connect to the inner wisdom they are not aware they have and tap into the unlimited power within.


I Love

the ocean, the sunsets, nature, the wind, the sound of the rain, the rainbow, animals, music, to read and the stillness of the silence. I'm an active person and I like to ski, snowboard, surf, run and play tennis. I love fresh and organic food from local markets. I like to practice kundalini yoga, siddha yoga and to paint. In my spare time I love to spend time with my family.


enthusiastic, full of energy, optimistic, reliable, empathic, intuitive, down to earth, straight forward and creative. Focused to provide the most effective and client-centered service that is possible.

I am a strategic and fast thinker, solution facilitator, peak performer, motivator and a sabotage detective.

Past Life Memories and NDE

At the age of 4 I had spontaneous Past Life Memories. I knew I've been here before and I had a different body. I also had spontaneous OBE (Out of Body Experience) and I've been always interested in Past Lives, Karma, Soul, Energy and the Human Mind. As a teenager I was reading all the books I could about these subjects. In 2008 I had a Near Death Experience (NDE) caused by an allergy shock. I shortly visited the hereafter and I had my life review; then I came back. Being in the White Light was a life lasting change.

After this experience I decided to be professionally trained in Hypnosis. I pursued the OMNI Hypnotherapist Board certification Program and I had the privilege to meet and be trained in Past Life Regression Therapy by Dr Brian Weiss.

Expertise and Training

Komplementaermedizin Therapeutin, Schweiz, Member ASCA

Omni Hypnotherapist Board certification Program NGH CH OHTC NBH

Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Dr Brian Weiss, Omega Institute Holistic Studies, NYC

Master in NLP Coach

Certified Balance in Life NLP Coaching, New Code, John Grinder

Certified Karisma and Leadership NLP Coaching, Robert Dilts

Bush Australian Flower Essences Practitioner, Well-being and Applied Kinesiology, Ian White

Certified Touch for Health

Theta Healing Advanced DNA2

Trance Healing, Arthur Findlay Collage, Stansted London, UK



I also have a......

MD in Communication Sciences and New Media, KVB College Sydney Australia

BA in Visual Arts and Industrial Design, ISCO Como Italy

Studied Biology at The University of Pavia, Italy 

My Coaching Style

I am known for my fast, straightforward, down to earth approach, based on combined techniques: Strategic Coaching, NLP, Brain Neuro-Repattering, Energy Work, Meditation, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Touch for Health and Australian Flower Essences. The 1 on 1 sessions are always unique as unique is the person I m working with.


My Favorite Languages to coach are Italian and English.

I also speak French,  when needed I can also coach in French. I speak Spanish and I understand German, unfortunately I 'm not fluent enough to use it for Coaching, However if German or Spanish is your language you can still work with me for Energy work, Touch for health, Meditation, Reiki or Australian Bush Flower Essences.


Holistic Coaching

Create a best life empowering mind, body, spirit.     

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Spiritual Coaching

Experience Parallel Realities and Life btw Lives.

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A beautiful state of relaxation and sharp focusing.

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Touch for Health

Balance subtle energies, heal mind, body spirit.

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Past Life Regression Therapy

The benefits  involve inner peace at all levels.     

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Australian Bush Flower Essences

Energy and power from the lands of Australia.      

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